Remembrance and Propaganda in Vietnam

The Vietnam War. For most Americans, the long slog of the 1960s conjures up painful memories of frightened soldiers trekking through steamy, tropical jungles in distant Indochina while mass protest and violence consumed the country. Thanks to the draft, most baby boomers recognize the war as an exercise in hubris that consumed too much blood … Continue reading Remembrance and Propaganda in Vietnam


Thailand Part III: Navigating Perception and Reality in Chiang Mai

I began Chiang Mai on a strange note. Shortly after checking into my hostel, I was cleaning out my inbox when I found a disturbing blurb in the Council on Foreign Relations: THAILAND: Thai police shut down a meeting hosted by the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand to discuss abuses (AP) against Rohingya Muslims by … Continue reading Thailand Part III: Navigating Perception and Reality in Chiang Mai

Istanbul and Turkey’s Uncertain Crossroads

“So what did you think about Turkey before you arrived?” asked a local Turkish Couchsurfer on my third night in Istanbul. It was an important question but one I hadn’t really considered. I wanted to tell him that I understood Turkey from a historical perspective, ever since I learned of Byzantium in my 9th grade … Continue reading Istanbul and Turkey’s Uncertain Crossroads